The Reportage

The book contains numerous photographs from the reportage by Andrea Erdna Barletta realized in the months of October 2011 to January 2012

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Where I can find the book?

You can find the book “Alluvione a Vernazza / Flood in Vernazza” in Vernazza, in the other villages of Cinque Terre and Italian Riviera, or request it at

The Author

Erdna Andrea Barletta, photographer and designer, born in Liguria, Levanto, lives and works in Milan. The flood of October 25, 2011 affects countries and territories dear to him. First he rushes like many other volunteers to shovel the huge amount of mud in Pignone, and Brugnato Borghetto Vara. Then makes his contribution in Vernazza and Monterosso with fundraising projects of social photography.

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